Cary Memorial Library Summer Reading 2014

This is the online component of the 2014 Adult Summer Reading Program. If you're not able to submit a review at the library--for whatever reason--we still want you to participate in our summer reading program! Submit a short review of a book you've read. Each review will earn one entry into our weekly drawing and will make you eligible for our summer's end Grand Prize!

Today is the LAST day to participate in the adult summer reading program here at Cary! Submit your books by 4 p.m. this afternoon. Today we’re pulling the Grand Prize winner.

Remember, all prizes must be picked up by Friday, September 12. If you do not pick up your prize by 5 p.m. on this date, we will award the prize to someone else.

Get those last minute reviews in! Good luck and thank you for sharing your reading with us!

Nicola Tesla was born in 1856 in Smiljan  Croatia.  He did experiments with Electric cars,. wireless transmission of sound and energy from the sun.  A Humanitarian Genius. A Historical account of his life.

A book that chronicles a group of scientists from 1977 through to the present with ideas of Nanotechnology. It reads like Science Fiction but, is indeed the future and may even be the present.  The Title tells the tale. Looking for the future and discovering the present.

This book is full of Night and Day observations of the Sky. Weather topics,

Optical phenomena, rainbows and how to photograph these events. Even how to build a weather station.  Night sky constellations, Artificial satellites, Binoculars, Telescopes.

Crown publishers Inc. New York, 1985

Excellent  history book, 1992 book but, it has a historical look and lots of information concerning the high-tech industries.

Get it at the library.

This novel is set in Paris in the 1880s and centers on 3 sisters who are trying to get a better life through dancing. They take classes at the Opera de Paris and hope to be noticed, by their teachers and by men. Buchanan gives us a vivid description of the life of the working classes, reminiscent of Zola. I enjoyed reading this book even if some of the decisions made by the girls made me cringe and fear for them. However this is a 21st century American novel, not a 19th century French one, so things get better!

Get it at the library.


I just re-read this classic and loved it. Hawthorne captures early New England life in great details and manages to make the characters come to life. The whole community and its finger-pointing is surprisingly modern, even if society has changed in many ways. Hester remains a model of strength and courage to this day.

Get it at the library.


This is an interesting and light foray into some very speculative physics about how the universe may change over extremely long time spans, going out to more than 10^100 years.  It is well grounded in our current understanding of physics but willing to speculate as well. 

Get it at the library.

Rich boy meets foreign tutor, boy goes to tutor’s home city, boy returns changed. A Stranger in Olondria is more than that, of course, but that’s the heart of it. Jevick, a son of the wealthy owner of a remote pepper plantation in an imaginary, slightly fantastical world, is given a tutor so he can learn the Olondrian language and never be cheated when he travels to the great city of Bain. When his father dies, Jevick travels to Bain, with life-altering results.

It’s a meditation on reading and words, on loss and memory, and on the sheer number of adjectives in the writer’s vocabulary. Sometimes the descriptions are lyrical, sometimes they seem like time-fillers. The book twists and shifts from the beginning to the Bain chapters, gradually losing momentum by the later chapters, but the prose is carefully crafted throughout.

There are a few fantasy elements, by compared to, say, Game of Thrones, it’s realism.

Get it at the library.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

The ever-wonderful Rowell’s book about college and fanfiction is sweet and heartfelt, but also very funny. I have read this book multiple times, and every time I finish it, I just want to start it over again.

Get it at the library.